About Niko

I’ve always been entreprenuerial-minded (I actually started my first business in 8th grade undercutting the school canteen with candy sales), but I used to consider the various little ventures and forays into businees I had over the years as my “side hustles” rather than my real job.  

While spending the first decade of my working career in adult education, however, a series of fortunate events led me back to grad school for Marketing Communications as well as started an obsession with online learning tutorials, digging deep into design and website development.

After working on numerous creative projects for friends and acquaintances, I recognized I was transitioning what had once been another passion project into something that felt deeply satisfying and stimulating– working with clients to launch or level up their businesses through the use of strategic branding and design.

I thrive on connecting authentically with my clients and enjoy the collaboration process immensely. I believe in meeting (or beating) deadlines, creating space for feedback, and keeping an eye on the macro while digging into the details. 

My Values

I'm here for you

I’m selective about accepting new clients because I want to make sure I can truly add value to your business and provide real results.  I only work with a few clients at a time in order to provde the level of attention and service you deserve. When I’m working with you, you’ll have my attention and steady responsiveness.

Communication comes first

Understanding each others’ communication preferences is the best way to start off a project; we’ll interact regularly throughout the process and I like to set clear communication norms from the beginning.  Hate email? Great! I’ll #slack you.  Want to meet in virtually for progress updates? Perfect, let’s hop on Google Hangouts!  

I believe in research-driven design

I don’t just jump into designing a project based on ‘a feeling’ or what I think might look cool. It’s important for me to understand your business, your market, and competitors in order to best understand your brand value.  Having a clear strategic vision before I begin any work is paramount, and I love to share what I’ve learned with my clients!

Curious about working with me?

I use an easy 3-Step Process to gain insight into your business, create compelling design, and deliver results that help your reach your goals.


Say hello

Whether you are ready to get to business or just want to talk options, the first step is to connect!

To start the process, schedule your complimentary 30 minute call with me to explore how I can help you. I’ll then create a custom proposal that lays out your design details with clear pricing and timelines.


get to know

Once you’re ready to get to work, our next step will be a Creative Strategy Session to thoroughly explore how I can best build your brand and visual vibes. 

​We’ll talk over your project and goals, your business dreams, and timelines. We’ll dive deep into your target market, setting outcomes and indicators, and building a cohesive message across your digital platforms.



Let's go

The seeds are planted and it’s time to make the design magic happen! 

Throughout the project, I’ll check in with you to give updates, offer sneak peeks, solicit structured feedback and be available to answer any questions you might have. 

At the end of the project, we’ll wrap up our work together with a debrief session so you’ll be ready to rock! 

Frequently Asked Questions

do i have to live in denver to work with you?

While we’ll start the process with a phone consultation, you’ll have the option to attend our Creative Strategy session in person or virtually. Although I am located in Denver, CO, I work globally.

We’ll set check in dates at our Creative Strategy session and will follow up by phone or virtual chat as scheduled. Your project is my priority during our time together and you’ll have my complete attention, from scheduling meetings to answering unexpected questions.

how long does the process usually take?

Although each project is different, most work is completed within 4-6 weeks. We’ll discuss your specific needs and timelines during the Creative Strategy Session, where you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to expect and when.

how do you price your services?

My proposal for your project will include the scope of work, your budget, and the value of my experience and expertise to your business. I price my work competitvely for the market while also providing a one-stop-shop so you don’t need to find a designer, a copywriter, a developer, and a strategist separately!

when and how do i pay?

Generally with new clients, a 50% deposit payment is due prior to the start of work. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion of the deliverables and prior to delivery of final files. This policy ensures that all parties are equally invested and committed to the project.
I accept check or credit card (with a 3% service fee added).

Contact Me

Niko Kirby
Freelance Designer nik0@growdigitaldesign.com