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Over the past several years, I’ve journeyed with entrepreneurs, growing 501(c)3s, and change-makers as they brought their organizations online for the first time, upgraded their sites, developed more cohesive brand strategies, and invested in marketing that achieved real results.

Before I was a designer and marketer,  I was a teacher–and I bring the same organization, structural discipline, and creative problem-solving to my clients now as I did to my students. I believe in meeting (or beating) project deadlines, having a clear outline of our collaboration before we begin, and providing regular time for check-ins and feedback. My ideal clients are those who have a clear idea of their passions and know what they have to offer, but need support with connecting to their clients, developing a brand, and marketing their offerings. 

I thrive on connecting authentically with my clients and enjoy the collaboration process immensely.

I don't just jump into designing a project based on 'a feeling' or what I think might look cool. It's important for me to understand your business, your market, and competitors in order to best understand your brand value.  Having a clear strategic vision before I begin any work is paramount, and I love to share what I've learned with my clients!

I'm selective about accepting new clients because I want to make sure I can truly add value to your business and provide real results.  I only work with a few clients at a time in order to offer the level of attention and service you deserve. When I'm working with you, you'll have my attention and steady responsiveness.

There's nothing worse than being in the dark or feeling like you don't have agency during the design process! 

In our Creative Strategy session, we'll set our communication norms and have regular check-ins to make sure your voice is heard and that we are on the same page! 

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Whether you are ready to get to business or just want to talk options, the first step is to connect!

To start the process, schedule your complimentary 30 minute call with me to explore how I can help you. I’ll then create a custom proposal that lays out your design details with clear pricing and timelines.

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Once you’re ready to get to work, our next step will be a Creative Strategy Session to thoroughly explore how I can best build your brand and visual vibes. 

​We’ll talk over your project and goals, your business dreams, and timelines. We’ll dive deep into your target market, setting outcomes and indicators, and building a cohesive message across your digital platforms.


Let's go

The seeds are planted and it’s time to make the design magic happen! 

Throughout the project, I’ll check in with you to give updates, offer sneak peeks, solicit structured feedback and be available to answer any questions you might have. 

At the end of the project, we’ll wrap up our work together with a recorded video debrief session so you’ll be ready to rock on your own!

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Niko Kirby
Freelance Designer